National Women’s Small Business Month

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October is Women's Small Business Month. (10/1 – 10/31) Downtown Statesville will celebrate by highlighting women entrepreneurs and small business owners within this blog and throughout our social media all month. Come back often as we capture photos and share what inspires each of these amazing women.

Beth Davidson, Beth & Company Salon & Day Spa

Meet Beth, owner of Beth & Company Salon & Day Spa

Beth opened the salon on September 21, 1999 and shared her thoughts on being a female small business owner along with her inspiration. 

“Being a female business owner means more to me than just doing something that I was passionate about! I am passionate about so many things. But, opening up a business in an industry that was predominantly women, I knew that my role would be how to impact, improve, and empower other professionals with a pathway for true and sustainable success. As a leader, along with being a business owner, you realize that leadership ebbs and flows from the top. The value of great leadership is evident in the ones that create their team, their community and tribe! No one is the sum total of themselves, it is whom they collectively surround themselves with so that they can build on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses and always continue to grow. When you effectively help others grow and create an atmosphere where team members and guests alike feel supported, nurtured, and genuinely cared for you have made it possible for everyone to have a great and valuable experience.”

Andi Chadwick, Twisted Oak American Bar & Grill, Unwined Bar & Eatery, Broad Street Burger Co., & Smokin' Southern Cantina

Meet Andi Chadwick, partner of Twisted Oak American Bar & Grill, Unwind Bar & Eatery, Broad Street Burger Co., and their newest addition Smokin’ Southern Cantina.

At the end of the day “Seeing people happy.” is what inspires Andi to continue working to make the restaurants an enjoyable place to visit. “Restaurants are a place where people celebrate major events, personal and professional. It’s fun to see, to watch people come together and just be happy. The first thing you think about when you're gonna meet with friends or when family’s in town is, ‘where are we gonna eat?’”

Growing up in her mom's restaurant, owning a restaurant was always something she wanted to do. The most exciting part? “Seeing it all come together and making it your own. There's kinda no rules at first.”

Goria Hager, GG's Art Frames Gifts

Meet Gloria Hager, owner of GG’s Art Frames Gifts

“I am inspired by the day to day life in Statesville and the interaction we have with our clients. We’ve learned things from them and we love to have conversations with them. The people inspire me everyday.” 

Working with locals has fueled Gloria over the years with the drive to showcase their one of a kind work throughout her store. “I just love it, I love seeing local art and local artists and we have several of those.” Over the years, seeing local artist grow from the beginning of their journey has brought her an immense amount of pride in her hometown.

Elda Chavez, Halo Studio Hair Salon

Meet Elda Chavez, owner of Halo Studio Hair Salon 

Elda’s passion for hair began when she started Cosmetology school and nothing has changed over the last decade. “I fell in love with everything and as I learn more, the more I like it. I love doing what I do and I think when you love something, you don’t lose your motivation to keep going.”

For Elda, it's not only what she creates but what her creations can do for others. “My inspiration is my field, with my clients making them feel beautiful and confident. They become like a family to me in a way, because I see them so often. I do work with my family sometimes too.“

Elaine Nicholson, Janet Goble, and Carla Steele, CPAs at Norris, Stewart & Ralston

Meet Elaine Nicholson, Janet Goble, and Carla Steele, CPAs at Norris, Stewart & Ralston

Their inspiration is fed by knowing what they can do for others, whether it is their family or how they can influence the next generation. “It’s important to show girls that you can be a woman doing a man's job. It’s hard to be a woman doing a man's job,” Elaine turned to Carla as if to relive the memory with her, “We went through this, I remember you and I, the first time there was a loan to sign they were looking for our husbands. I think it's good for girls to know you can do whatever you want to do!”

Each of them have enjoyed creating a community with their clients and being able to work together as though they are a family. Janet spoke on this and said, “I want to help my clients make sure they get the best situation they can tax wise.” Carla added, “We take pride in our service to our clients and we always want to provide a good product and service to them.”

Rochelle Beamon-McLver, Beauty By Rochelle Salon

Kelli Simko Walker, 220 Cafe

Meet Kelli Simko Walker, owner of The 220 Cafe

Kelli has been Owner at 220 Cafe in Downtown Statesville since 2010. Community has been her inspiration since day one.

“The relationships we’ve built here at 220 - we fell in love with the community when we opened up the restaurant and that's what has kept us chugging along. We love creating an atmosphere that provides a good time for everyone, a little bit of music, good food, good wine and great service. We feel like we are a pretty trendy restaurant in a small town. We love to keep things local and love working with other businesses downtown.”

Jennifer Grant, Native Ceuticals

Meet Jennifer Grant, Co-owner of Native Ceuticals CBD 

Jennifer’s passion for helping others was ignited once she found what helped her. After using CBD Oil herself, She wanted to open a CBD specific business “where I could help people, with not only their pain, but also any other kinds of anxiety, depression, anything that could help. I saw how it helped me, so I wanted to help others.” 

Lindsay Hester, Hitched Boutique

Meet Lindsay Hester, owner of Hitched Boutique

Lindsay always wanted to own her own business and after moving back to her hometown she decided to use her marketing degree and experience in a bridal shop. March 1st 2019 was the opening day for Hitched Boutique. What keeps her energized? “Being able to work with the brides or grooms and help them pick out their dress and tuxedos for one of the biggest days of their life. It’s such a blessing and exciting thing to be a part of when they say yes to their dress.”

Sara Johnson, Zealous Beauty Bar

Meet Sara Johnson, owner of Zealous Beauty Bar

Sara created Zealous Beauty Bar with the desire to create an atmosphere that inspires every woman that walks through her door. "Everyday getting to come to work and see other women feel better about themselves and feel empowered in their space," is what fuels her. 

She is motivated to give more to the women in her life, it's not just about owning her own business, but what she is able to do with it. "I love being my own boss and I love creating opportunities for other people. It's nice to be able to employ other women and also empowering those women to empower other women."

Erica Walker, Bleached

Meet Erica Walker, owner of Bleached

Read about her story here!

Andrea Chimato, Andrea's Ice Cream & Sweet Shop

Meet Andrea Chimato, Owner at  Andrea's Ice Cream & Sweet Shop

Andrea’s passion for sweets lead her to owning her own business right after graduating from high school!

“I love what I do and I love being an entrepreneur. It’s definitely hard work - especially this year - it’s been really crazy." said Chimato when asked what motivates her as a proud female business owner.

Raveena Mahtani, Earth's Natural Healings

Meet Raveena Mahtani, owner at Earth's Natural Healings.

When asked what about work inspires Raveena, she replied, “Trying to help people get the right potion that helps them heal. I make roll-ons, CBD cream, and I use Young Living essential oils to plan my potions. If I have a customer that comes in and says 'Wow, That really works for me.' I feel like I did something really good.”

Earth’s Natural Healings is located in New York Styles and enjoys being able to connect one on one with each of her customers, located in Downtown Statesville.

Tanisha, Creations By TYS

Meet Tanisha Schoolfield, owner at Creations by TYS.

To Tanisha, Creations By TYS is therapeutic and has been for many years before she decided to open up her official store front.

When asked what inspired Tanisha, she replied, "It's confirmation that it puts a smile on other people's faces when they see and enjoy my work. Then, that inspires me to keep making jewelry. It's not only helping me but it's good to see when it blesses somebody else."

Cheryl Matthews, Johnson Greenhouses

Meet Cheryl Matthews, partner at Johnson Greenhouses

To Cheryl, Johnson Greenhouses is more than just flowers - "It's being able to help people in all the times of need, whether its happy, sad, or a celebration".

You can also find Cheryl serving as a Downtown Statesville Board Member, where she is able serve the downtown community and help it grow.

Kimberly Harrell and Lynn Bancroft, Deep Roots Yoga

Meet Kimberly and Lynn owners of Deep Roots Yoga

Read about their story here!

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