Meet Rochelle, Owner of Beauty By Rochelle Salon

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From a young age, Rochelle knew she was going to be an entrepreneur and opening up her own business was what she wanted to do. She found a passion for hair and styling at the young age of 14. It wasn’t until later on that she excitedly decided to pursue it as a career path and attend school for Cosmetology. During school, she opened up her own salon and had a stylist use the space in the meantime. In May of 2002, Beauty by Rochelle was born. After becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist, she went straight to work for herself and didn’t look back. She enjoyed working and when people left her chair with a smile, she knew her work had a purpose.

The ability to spread positivity through work is what brings Rochelle the most joy. But, it wasn’t always a sunny day. Only 5 years into working her business, in October of 2007, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her journey wasn't a walk in the park but she persisted. Staying at home during her fight was not something she looked forward to and so Rochelle decided to continue working - “It wasn’t always easy but I knew my talents were needed.” She was on a mission and her situation was not going to stop her from doing what she loved. After beating breast cancer, she knew what it was like to not feel normal, and with faith, she used her talents to help people who have had or are going through an illness. “People with cancer want to be looked at and celebrated, not turned from. I want to give them that feeling of being celebrated.”

Rochelle recommends keeping up with self-examinations. If you find a lump or something that draws concern, get it checked out. It is for your health and staying educated on the matter could save your life. She is an advocate for Breast Cancer and wants to help and give energy to those who are going through it. She understands how hard the journey can be. “Feeling confident, having faith, and a positive mindset” can play a big role in how you feel. When asked what motivates her, Rochelle said “The most important part is to make people feel good. It’s satisfying when they are done and they smile. To me, that's worth more than money. It's definitely a passion, it's not just a job to me.”

“I find that when people go through breast cancer or anything, they can relate to people a little better if they have already been through it. They feel a little bit more comfortable. For me, it's easier to help them feel good and look good because I already know that mindstate and have already dealt with cancer. So, I already know what it is that they want. They want to look as normal and as close to pre-illness as possible. So I think what my God-given talent is that I can look at a client's picture and get them as close to that as possible.”

For Rochelle, the goal is to “help as many people as possible feel good about themselves and boost self esteem.” Beauty By Rochelle may look small but they offer manicures, pedicures, lash extensions, hair cuts, colors, wigs, styles and pop-ups/events. Rochelle is proud of her talented staff. Monica Conrad is a Cosmetologist, Educator and Wig Maker. Tanisha Hull is our Nail Tech. Brittany Gray is our Natural Hair Assistant.

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