The Parker Law Offices

The Parker Law Offices

Parker Law Offices serves clients in the Lake Norman region and Iredell County providing legal counsel in the fields of:

  • Estate Planning & Administration
  • Business Law
  • Eminent Domain,
  • Family Law & Equitable Distribution
  • Civil Litigation

If you need attorneys you can count on to represent you, your business, or your family in one of these fields contact us today.

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DIVORCE FROM BED AND BOARDTypes of Divorce in North Carolina: North Carolina recognizes two forms of divorce: (1) Absolute Divorce and (2) Divorce from Bed and Board.
ANCILLARY ADMINISTRATION – PROBATE WHEN THERE IS OUT-OF-... When someone who is living in North Carolina dies (the decedent), her estate must be probated in North Carolina in the county where she ...
WHY YOUR MULTI-MEMBER LLC NEEDS AN OPERATING AGREEMENT?Firstly, recall that an operating agreement is the document that describes how your business will be governed. It lays out the rights of...
WHY SINGLE MEMBER LLC NEEDS AN OPERATING AGREEMENTThe first question you may be asking is: What is an operating agreement? It is the agreement between the members of an LLC that governs ...