Lake Mountain Coffee Shop

Lake Mountain Coffee Shop

110 W Broad St.
Statesville, NC 28677

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri 7:00am- 8:00pm
Sat 8:00am- 8:00pm
Sun10:00am- 5:00pm


The aroma of fresh roasted coffee was always special to me. For me, it reminds me of home, something that I particularly missed when I was away on business.

Travel was a large part of my former career, but the search for the finest cups of coffee fueled all of my free time. At each destination, I made it a point to seek out the beloved and historic places where a passion for crafting freshly roasted coffee was truly an artform (and, If that spot happened to also have an expansive beer and wine selection, well, all the better).

Lake Mountain Coffee (LMC) was something I dreamed of while contentedly sipping fresh roasted coffee in historic European coffee houses.

When I returned to my actual home, in Davidson, I would frequently have conversations with entrepreneurs about my coffee-related obsessions. That was when I spoke with the founder of Summitt Coffee and Sky Mountain coffee.

The concept was only a dream until the day I walked into a 130 year old historic building in Statesville, NC; formally Lazenby-Montgomery Hardware. It was an iconic place graced by an incredible 360 degree mezzanine. If you feel like you recognize it, it was the location for the the movie, The Feud (1989) which featured ubiquitous character actor Rene Auberjonois (of the original film of MASH and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fame). This location reminded me, in spirit, of the historic fresh roasting coffee houses I had frequented throughout Europe. I knew right away it would be perfect.

Here, Lake Mountain Coffee was born and it is now proudly located in historic downtown Statesville, NC, north of Lake Norman, just 1.3 miles off of two major interstate highways 77 & 40.

LMC is one of only a few places in the Carolinas that roast our own high grade Arabica coffee beans in handcrafted Diedrich coffee roasters. In addition, we have a selection of teas, cold drinks and locally sourced food items.

If you are looking to serve our coffee, or to create a gift for clients, at our roaster in Statesville, we can customize coffee bags with your company logo on the front as well as a desired personal message on the back.

Visit us and you’ll understand that we offer an experience to rival even the finest coffee houses in Europe. In our cozy and inspired atmosphere, friends can enjoy a variety of fresh and locally roasted cups of coffee while contemplating their own entrepreneurial ventures, or just relaxing and enjoying the view. It’s my hope that when you visit, and you smell the fine aroma of fresh roasted coffee, you feel like I do whenever I’m there — you’ll feel like you’re home.

~Andy Smith