Downtown Statesville Social District

Updated: January 23, 2023

The Social District allows people to drink beer, wine, or cocktails as they walk through a defined area of Downtown Statesville. Social districts have been implemented in various towns and cities across state since the North Carolina General Assembly enacted legislation in 2021 allowing municipalities to designate areas where alcoholic beverages can be purchased from a licensed ABC permittee and then taken outdoors and into other participating businesses.

We anticipate that the social district will be a valuable tool in increasing economic activity and vibrancy of Downtown Statesville.

The Social District will be jointly managed by the Downtown Statesville Development Corporation (DSDC), The Statesville Police Department (for enforcement), and the City of Statesville Public Works Department (for trash/recycling services).

The Downtown Statesville Social District, the 'Ville, goes in to effect on Friday, February 10, 2023.

What is a social district?

A social district is a defined area where alcoholic beverages, sold by an establishment licensed for the sale of alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption, may be consumed.

Social District Boundaries (Map)

The Downtown Statesville Social District boundaries INCLUDE:

  • All restaurants that choose to participate
  • Main Retail that choose to participate
  • Sidewalks within the designated area
  • Pecan Park

The Social District boundaries EXCLUDE:

  • The Statesville Civic Center
  • First ARP Church of Statesville Playground
  • Broad Street United Methodist Playground
  • First Presbyterian Playground

Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed within the boundaries of the Downtown Statesville Social District, marked clearly with signs displayed around the perimeter and defined by the below provided map which is easily accessible via a QR code displayed on signage.

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Days and Hours of Operation

The social district will operate:
Sunday: 12p-10p
Monday:  12p-10p  
Tuesday:  12p-10p
Wednesday:  12p-10p
Thursday:  12p-10p
Friday:  12p-10p
Saturday:  12p-10p

*Participation in the social district by a special event is at the discretion of the special event permit holder.

Participating and Non-Participating Businesses

Window posters will be displayed in businesses to identify their status:
  • Beverages Sold Here - Purchase Social District drinks at this establishment
  • Beverages Welcome - Social District drinks welcome in these Non-ABC permitted establishments
  • Please No Beverages - Social District drinks not allowed; Social District drinks not available for purchase at this establishment


Businesses located within the Downtown Statesville Social District boundaries can submit this FORM to identify whether they want to opt-in or opt-out of the district.
Social District Requirements

Alcoholic beverages may only be consumed within the boundaries of the Downtown Statesville Social District, the 'Ville, marked clearly with signs displayed around the perimeter and defined by the below provided map which is easily accessible via a QR code displayed on signage.

All patrons may only carry beer, wine, or cocktails throughout the Social District in cups that prominently display the Downtown Statesville Social District logo, the 'Ville logo and the ABC Permittee that is a participating business in the social district program. NOTE: All other bottles, glasses, cups, etc. are not permitted to be carried throughout the Downtown Statesville Social District.

Social District cups are allowed inside participating business that do not have an ABC permit.

Social District cups may not be carried into a non-participating business.

Any ABC-Permitted establishment will not allow a person to enter or re-enter its licensed premises with an alcoholic beverage not sold by the permittee.

All alcohol should be disposed of before exiting the Downtown Statesville Social District.

Social District drinks will only be available during the hours approved by the city and within the boundaries approved by the city.

It shall be unlawful for any person to possess an open container of malt beverages or unfortified wine on any property owned, occupied, or controlled by the City (including parking facilities) unless that property has been designated by the City as eligible for the consumption of alcohol under the rules of the social district and applicable State law. Any City properties designated as eligible will be signed accordingly.
Special Events

Recent changes in North Carolina law allow a special event located within a social district to receive a permit for the sale of alcohol within their event area from the ABC Commission. The ABC Commission staff have indicated to the City that a special event permittee may participate in a social district if the requirements under North Carolina law to do so are followed, including allowing beverages with social district cups to be carried from and into the special event area. Participation in the social district is at the special event holder’s discretion.

Event organizers will have the choice to allow social district beverages within their event footprint or not. The Downtown Statesville Development Corporation (DSDC) will educate event organizers and determine their preference. Businesses within the social district will receive event notifications and whether portions of the social district will be impacted by special events with or without alcohol.

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