Living Downtown

Friends and neighbors, sharing in this authentic place

Downtown Statesville and the surrounding neighborhoods offer just the right fit for anyone looking for a vibrant, walkable community including 4 National Register Historic Residential Districts.

Our upper story residential in the Downtown commercial district gives the opportunity to be directly in the heart of the action just by walking out of your front door.

Simplistic living with a bit more privacy is exactly what’s offered with several multi-family historic homes and condominium complexes. If a charming bungalow fits your needs, meander down the friendly little side streets to find just the right one.

If space and elegance are on your must-have list, stately historic homes line East Broad, Davie, West End, Walnut, and Mulberry. No matter which type of housing fits your needs, you are sure to find a home within our welcoming community. Reach out to any of our downtown realtors [link] for more information on relocating to Statesville.

Interested in living downtown?

We are actively seeking to encourage more upper-story and new housing development in and around Downtown Statesville. We have several realty companies located in Downtown that can help you find that perfect home, whether for purchase, or to rent. We also have several short term rentals available. Click HERE for a list.