Meet Erica Walker, owner of Bleached

in Stateville News

Ever since childhood, Erica has been creatively driven, whether it was painting, crafts, or DIY projects. Growing up she gravitated towards hair and the life of a stylist. She is a maker at heart and enjoys using her skills to give her clients confidence with a good hair day! 

This year has given Erika a new perspective. She believes “You really can overcome anything, if you work hard. There is something about 2020...our entire industry was forced out of work, something came over me…I had an urge of ‘why not! I am celebrating 15 years since I stepped out into the world and into a salon. And so I think this is a great year to celebrate” and begin something new. In September 2020, Erica became the new owner at Bleached here in Downtown Statesville.

In the past few months, she has done some redecorating. You can now take advantage of a new perk. She is offering a “refill bar” to those who buy their hair products. You refill your empty product bottles which cuts down on shipping cost and amount of plastic used. 

“It’s not just hair. You become a part of a family and you are with them through it all. It’s about the people and I am so grateful to my loyal customers and to the girls in the studio who are like family.” Erica is inspired by her team of stylists who have been a support system over the years and have made becoming a new business owner welcoming and exciting. As a mother, being a role model for her daughter to go after what she wants and uplift other women is important to Erica.

“Being here is inspiring. Everyone that comes through the chair, this is such a personal experience. Who else do you go and see every 4 weeks? Everyone builds such a strong bond with their client. I definitely want to keep that going.”

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