Key To Escape

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A destination Escape Adventure located in Statesville, NC.  This nationally recognized escape room has a unique flair with our historical building and a very high tech experience.  We feature full immersion game design with unique rooms created by our team of designers and props that are some of the best in the industry.  We have unique clue systems to help you along the way and our goal is to entertain you for an hour with high intensity cognitive play that will have you returning for more.  We have three adventures and we host various community games.  We are a bit out of the way but well worth the trip and perfect for family fun, teambuilding, a great time out with friends or even an amazing date night.  Visiting Statesville?  You don't want to miss this treasure.  Our National Registry home has a lot of history and we share that in some of our rooms.  Game room designers consult on rooms nationally and bring an amazing entertainment experience to our great historic city.  

What is Escape Entertainment?  Escape Entertainment is your chance to escape into another world with a group of 2-8 people and solve puzzles, riddles and use creativity to meet a goal as a team.  Rooms all have their own story line and theme and you have a mission to complete as a group in each adventure.  This is your chance to put away technology and work together as a group to solve the room and have a blast.  The escape industry has grown in popularity because it has been an amazing way for us all to learn to reconnect and be entertained through play and adventure.  While games are able to be played by younger children, most escape rooms are designed for 12 and older as you will really have to think through puzzles and work in collaboration.  Younger children are welcome as part of family experiences but we do not book experiences for groups of young children.  Our goal is to help you have a great time so clues are available if you want them.  

At Key to Escape, we like to create escape room enthusiasts.  Do one of our rooms and you will come back for more.  We have a network of other escape rooms we highly recommend that we can refer you to so that you can keep challenging yourself.  This industry is really unique in that most owners have the same focus.... we want you to love this form of entertainment and we will help you find new adventures.  You are NEVER locked in a room and we do not do any themes that are horror related in our facility.  There are rooms like that but because of our setting, we do not do that.  You need no prior knowledge to do an escape room.  Just come as you are.  Puzzles are designed for people that think in various ways so you might be the teams biggest asset for one style of puzzle and someone else might be stronger in another.  That is part of what makes it fun to do this in teams.  We recommend 4-6 players but some can do rooms with 2 players.  If you need to plan an event or party, please give us a call.  

Community hunts are our latest and most cost effective style of play.  These are designed to be fun for families, large groups and even on your own.  They are low cost and have different themes and settings.  When playing, a game host will be available to give you clues and hints and monitor your progress.  Badges are earned for completed games and you can fill your local escape passport with all the adventures.  

Book today to come and play.  Key to Escape is open Thur-Sun from 12 noon until 10pm.  All adventures are booked in advance so please go online to to book your adventure today.